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August 19. 2013

Scan-Speak Press Release (PDF)

Danish Audio Excellence for DIY aficionados.

The Danish loudspeaker designer Troels Gravesen is well-known to the DIY audio community for creating more than 75 designs freely available from his website. His primary concern when selecting speaker drivers is consistency in performance to enable others to reproduce his results. Thus, ScanSpeak is one the preferred manufacturers, delivering unparalleled quality control and ensuring drivers can be replaced even after decades of service without needing crossover adjustments.

To match the performance of ScanSpeak drivers, Troels Gravesen chose coils and capacitors from Jantzen Audio to allow ScanSpeak drivers to deliver their full potentials. Jantzen Audio has the most extensive range of coils in the market, supplemented by high-performance capacitors, all key ingredients in high-performance crossovers.

ScanSpeak was founded in 1970 and still resides at the original address in Videbaek, Denmark. Located in the heart of the Jutland peninsula, our acoustic engineers adhere to our legendary policy of "Never compromise". Scan-Speak never compromise on our product quality, sound quality or pursuit of perfection in a given application. Scan-Speak set the loudspeaker industry's gold standard for audiophiles, and are constantly viewed as a market benchmark by other high-end speaker manufacturers.

Jantzen Audio was founded in 1992. During a period of 21 years, the company has perfected the production of high-end quality induction coils. The company has solidified its position as one of the world's leading manufacturers of coils for passive loudspeakers, by combining sturdy craftsmanship with unique winding techniques and the most versatile coil program on the market. The company's portfolio now also includes the Z-Cap series of super capacitors along with other quality components needed for creating top of the range loudspeakers.

Troels Gravesen, ScanSpeak and Jantzen Audio has come together to offer you the very best the market has to offer and therefore it is with great pleasure that we invite all DIY aficionados to explore our premium selection of complete loudspeaker kits, honoring the Danish tradition of high quality and innovative design.

For more information about ScanSpeak, please visit the official websites: http://www.scan-speak-store.dk/ and http://www.scan-speak.dk/

For more information about Jantzen Audio Denmark, please visit the official website: http://www.jantzen-audio.com

Troels Gravesen is not directly affiliated with Scan-Speak or Jantzen Audio Denmark. Please visit his official website for more information on loudspeaker designs and general audio knowledge. http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Diy_Loudspeaker_Projects.htm

*) When purchasing directly from Jantzen Audio, ScanSpeak drivers are only sold as part of a complete loudspeaker kit, Jantzen Audio is not a dealer of Scan-Speak drivers. Stand-alone retail purchases of Scan-Speak drivers are available at Scan-Speak web-shop and official dealer network only.

- Download this Press Release as a PDF file.

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