The many decades’ heritage, quality and success of Scan-Speak’s designs are found in the Classic family with such patented and proprietary technologies as: Symmetrical Drive, Low Loss Linear Suspension, cones of air dried carbon reinforced paper and nylon reinforced paper. Our latest addition is a new 15 cm midwoofer made with a multilayer material called “Phenomax”.
Our Classic tweeters are also the result of careful design and craftsmanship. Our 20 mm Tweeters D2008‘s and D2010’s have provided the excellent treble in many famous loudspeakers since the 1970’s. Our 28mm D2905/ tweeters have evolved over the years from the initial designs into four parts; the 9000, 9300, 9500 and 9700 models all with select and coated textile diaphragms on carefully designed motor and chamber combinations.
The Classic drivers have been the heart of many iconic loudspeaker designs over the years and continue to be so.