Products in our Revelator family have been an industry standard in high end loudspeaker systems for many years. The key feature being the filled cone slits for the midwoofers and midranges which reproduce music at a dynamic level and clarity that at the time of introduction was unparalleled in the market. The tweeters are predominately designed with a large roll surround, powerful ring Neodymium magnets and optimized airflow systems.
The latest addition to the Revelator family is a 20mm dome tweeter. The large woofers and subwoofers are relatively new additions too and represent an increase in cone excursion and dynamic capability with impressive transient behavior.
Within the wide Revelator range you will find everything you need when it comes to high end audio transducers, whether you need drivers for a small 2-way system or a giant multi-way loudspeaker. The Revelator family can supply it all with superb performance and quality.