26mm Beryllium Tweeter 8ohm, Large Ring Neo, Black Faceplate, Grill
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D2908/714000 is a highly efficient and high-power 8 ohm 1” beryllium dome tweeter, it reproduces music clean and clear at all listening levels with dynamic precision and a superb vocal rendition as when recorded. The smooth machined alu faceplate and the acoustical very transparent wire-mesh protection grille not only represent a beautiful appearance is also allows the sound to be dispersed free and undistorted to the listener.
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Voice Coil, 02-2013

DIY Kits:
Scan-Speak B1371 (D2908/714000, 18M/4631T00, 32W/4878T01)
ScanSpeak MUN17-3W (D2908/714000, 18M/8631-T00, 28W/4878-T00)



Weight 0.7 kg
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- Beryllium Diaphragm (99% Pure Be)
- Rear Mount Magnet System
- Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
- Titanium Voice Coil Former
- Black Anodized ø120mm Machined Alu Faceplate
- Non Resonant Aluminium Rear Chamber

  Size:2.6 cm
  Fs:534 Hz
  Re:5.7 Ω
  Sensitivity:92 dB
  VAS:0.02 ltr.
  Sd:7 cm²
  Bl:3.6 Tm