26mm Beryllium Dome Tweeter 4ohm, Neo, AirCirc, Grill
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The Illuminator tweeters stand for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening levels. The D3004/664000 is ”top of the range” with its pure beryllium diaphragm, large roll surround, and AirCirc motor system, it provide a excellent – unsurpassed – sound reproduction with a flat frequency response to above 40KHz, outstanding off-axis response, low distortion and dynamic precision.
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AudioMobil (ID), 09-2011
NoMono (DAN), 08-2010
NoMono (SWE), 08-2010
Voice Coil, 01-2010

DIY Kits:
Scan-Speak B741 (D3004/664000, 12MU/4731T00, 18WU/8741T00)



Weight 0.5 kg
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- Beryllium Diaphragm (99% Pure Be)
- AirCirc Motor Design w. 6 Neo magnets
- Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
- Large Roll Surround f. Wide Dispersion
- Black Rubber Painted Die Cast Faceplate
- Non-Magnetic Protective Grill

  Size:2.6 cm
  Fs:500 Hz
  Re:3 Ω
  Sensitivity:91.5 dB
  VAS:0.02 ltr.
  Sd:7 cm²
  Bl:2.3 Tm