38mm Dome Tweeter 6ohm, Ferrite Magnet, Non-Resonant Chamber

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D3806/820000 was one the very first Scan-Speak products, now been on the marked more than 4 decades and continuing beeing successful as one of the best upper midranges on the marked.

DIY Kits:
SP38/13 (D2010/851300, D3806/820000, 18W/8531G00)



Weight 1.3 kg
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- 1½" Textile Dome Diaphragm
- Optimized for Upper Midrange
- Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
- Low Resonant Rear Chamber
- Black Painted Alu Face Plate

  Size:3.8 cm
  Fs:450 Hz
  Re:5.7 Ω
  Sensitivity:89 dB
  VAS:0.04 ltr.
  Sd:14 cm²
  Bl:3.6 Tm