Scan-Speak Newsletter

New Aftermarket Automotive Gold SeriesOur new Gold Series products are specially selected units that have their origin in Scan-Speak’s well-known home audio speakers, improved and optimized for High-End aftermarket automotive use. These products enable audiophiles to experience the same – TRUE TO LIVE – sound in their vehicle that they enjoy from their High-End home … Read more

Announcement from Scan-Speak.

It is with deep sadness that we announce the sudden death of Birger Jorgensen, our Senior Engineer on Sunday, June 26th.   Birger Jorgensen – 1958-2016 Senior Engineer of Scan-Speak A/S and an integral part of its R&D team. Over the years his experience and skills led to many innovations and new designs of audio … Read more

Scan-Speak Newsletter

New 18cm Revelator Midrange – 18M/4631T00. The new 18cm Revelator Midrange is built as a continuation on our technologies and features known for years in other Revelator products like; Symmetrical drive, sliced paper cone and low loss linear suspension. Its sound reproduction is precise, smooth and detailed due to its titanium voice coil former, and … Read more

Scan-Speak Distributor in Turkey – Promet Group

Scan-Speak A/S’ network of Distributors is growing again. We are happy to announce that Scan-Speak now has a Distributor in Turkey – Promet Group. Promet Group has been a distributor for several international quality brands within the Automotive Aftermarket since 1988. They offer loudspeaker drivers and other audio components for Car Audio, OEM and DIY … Read more

New Scan-Speak Distributor in Thailand

Scan-Speak A/S is again strengthening our global network of Distributors. We are happy to announce that Samdee Audio has been appointed as the new Scan-Speak Distributor in Thailand. Samdee Audio was established in 1995 to focus on the Thai DIY market. The team behind the company has worked within this industry segment for more than … Read more