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New Illuminator D3004/606200 Compact 1” TPCD Dome Tweeter

In continuation of the updating of our compact Illuminator tweeters we are now adding a completely new family member.

The new D3004/606200 features a bespoke tailored TPCD (Thin-Ply Carbon Diaphragm) applying the latest technology tweaks in order to create the mechanical properties of the carbon fiber that will make the tweeter a true Scan-Speak driver fitting the compact Illuminator platform. The ultra lightweight, very high stiffness and very well controlled breakup patterns minimizes distortion and maximizes linearity, offering natural and – true to live – sound reproduction.

D3004/606200 key features:

Bespoke TPCD diaphragm.
Low distortion and very linear frequency response extending to beyond 50kHz.
Black anodized aluminium Ø62mm faceplate.
Gold-plated terminals with high heat resistance at soldering.

Link to datasheet:

D3004/606200 will show for the first time at Axpona April 12-14th 2024 and will be available for delivery in May 2024.

Axpona – Schaumburg, Illinois

Held at:
      Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center,
      1551 N Thoreau Dr, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA
      April 12th – 14th 2024

Meet Scan-Speak at the Madisound suite – room 572 – with a selection of drivers from our substantial product range and see some of the drivers that makes many of the worlds very best loudspeakers sounding fantastic!

Products from all our product families will be on display, starting with the robust Discovery drivers that offers excellent sound at high “value for money”, trough the well-known Classic and Revelator’s that each in its time set the market reference, to the Illuminator’s that 10-15 years ago once again raised the bar to new level with its underhung motor design and beautiful design. And finally, our newest and finest Ellipticor family with its elliptical voice coils and, powerful Neodymium magnets systems. A unique design that once again moved the bar to a completely new level with its fantastic, detailed distortion free sound and outstanding dynamic!

There will also be sound demos with a new – free to use – DIY design:
CCB5075 – Compact Classic Bookshelf loudspeaker
A new very compact DIY design, featuring the recently updated D2010/852100 ¾” Classic dome tweeter and 15W/8534T00 also from the Classic family. Despite the small size it offers a rich, detailed, and accurate sound with more “body” that expected from the look.