Tech Notes

Scan-Speak datasheet content

As of 2020, Scan-Speak has changed the design of our datasheets and also added a few points to the data. We believe this might be a good time to provide our customers with an overview of the datasheet and explain where the data comes from.

Measurement of Thiele Small parameters

Measurement of Thiele Small parameters can lead to quite a bit of discussion within the loudspeaker community.
Here is a description of the method used at Scan-Speak.

Suggestions for cabinet size and tuning for your Scan-Speak drivers

On the 2020 Scan-Speak datasheets you’ll find suggestions for cabinet sizes for closed and vented systems respectively. The intention is to provide our customers with a simple and quick comparison between drivers for one and the same type of alignment.

Performing power tests at Scan-Speak

From time to time we get questions on how to interpret our datasheets with respect to power test results for our drivers. We have occasionally seen misinterpretations which can lead to erroneous use of other parts, such as tweeters, which can result in damaged drivers.

Under-hung Magnet Assembly

Our patented under-hung magnet system technology known as “SD-3” (Symmetrical Drive) is part of Scan-Speak’s Illuminator line.

Non Resonant Suspension Coupling (NRSC)

The basic principle behind the NRSC design is to modify the edge of a cone so that in some areas it is cut away which changes the mechanical impedance by altering stiffness, mass and damping in these areas.

Scan-Speak’s Ring Radiator Tweeters

The basic principle is to increase the speaker’s frequency response at high frequencies by mounting a phase plug at the center axis of the tweeter. The phase plug extends the high frequencies by preventing cancellation across the center axis of high frequency waves produced near the center of the diaphragm.

“Symmetric Drive” SD-System explained

The tenet behind SD (Symmetric Drive) is that it became evident that the voice coil inductance should not just be lowered, but also made – if not constant – then at least symmetric around the rest position of the voice coil. When the behavior is symmetric, second harmonic distortion is minimized.

Cleaning and maintenance

Scan-speak’s products are designed to last for a very long time. Sometimes a product gets dusty or dirty after many years of use, so here´s a guideline on how to remove dirt and dust.