For many years the only set of parameters for loudspeaker box calculation was the classical lumped parameter model derived by Richard Small and published in 1972 (Thiele Small parameters).

Since the early 1990’s a group of Danish Engineers have been working with a model named “Advanced Parameter Model” that better models the complex electromagnetic interaction of the voice coil / magnet system. Scan-Speak adopted this model for some of its drivers and for these drivers you’ll have access to both the classical set of parameters and the advanced ones.

The spreadsheet links below lead to a toolbox that has been developed to work with both sets of parameters to allow you to simulate results using various box sizes.

LANGUAGE: The spreadsheet is available in both English and Danish versions of Microsoft Excel® only. Due to how Microsoft translates between Excel® language versions the complex math functions may not work in other languages.

LICENSE: This spreadsheet is made available for free and you are granted the right to use it provided that you accept our DISCLAIMER. Please do not re-distribute the spreadsheet but feel free to point other users to this page.

DISCLAIMER: Scan-Speak does not guarantee that the spreadsheet is suitable for your purposes. Scan-Speak shall not be held liable for any damages or losses related to use of this spreadsheet. By downloading the tool you accept this DISCLAIMER.

Please download the Excel® spreadsheet below (zip-files):

Excel® spreadsheets (English)
Excel® spreadsheets (Danish)