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Product update

Due to updated environmental requirements has the paint used on the face plate of D2608/913000 been discontinued, with immediate effect! As there is no direct replacement available, we are unable to continue making D2608/913000 with the usual faceplate finish.

We have chosen the same rubber paint used on Illuminator D3004/660000 as replacement. The paint change will be implemented with immediate effect, both on new orders as well as on pending orders.

SoundSociety – Copenhagen, Denmark

Held at: Hotel Scandic Sluseholmen, Molestien 11, 2450 Copenhagen SV

March 2nd-3rd 2024

Find Scan-Speak in suite 357 with a selection of drivers from our substantial product range and see some of the drivers that make many of the worlds very best loudspeakers sounding fantastic!

There will be products on display from our 5 product families, starting with the robust Discovery drivers that offers excellent sound at high “value for money”, trough the well-known Classic and Revelator’s that each in its time set the market reference, to the Illuminator’s that 10-15 years ago once again raised the bar to new level with its underhung motor design and beautiful design. And finally, our newest and finest Ellipticor family with its elliptical voice coils and, powerful Neodymium magnets systems and unique design that once again moved the bar to a completely new level with it fantastic, detailed distortion free sound and outstanding dynamic!
There will be sound demo’s in 3 different setsup’s:
• a 2-way compact shelf speaker, with a 20mm dome tweeter D2010/852100 and a 15cm midwoofer 15W/8534T00 both from our Classic family.
• a 2-way shelf speaker, with a 28mm dome tweeter D2905/970000 and a 18cm midwoofer 18W/8545-01, both from our Classic family.

• a DIY TV-Soundbar designed and build by Troels Gravesen. It features Discovery 12 cm Midwoofers 12W/8524G00 and Illuminator 26mm Tweeters D3004/602200, all driven by a compact digital amplifier and controlled by the TV’s HDMI ARC audio return channel.

Further info about the show can be found here:

We hope to meet you in Copenhagen.