Traditionally speaker box calculations have been based on the Thiele-Small model.

In recent years a group of Danish engineers have developed the Advanced parameters model that gives more realistic simulations.

Scan-Speak now shows both the T-S parameters and Advanced parameters on our data sheets.

The spreadsheet links below lead to a toolbox that has been developed to work with both sets of parameters to allow you to simulate results using various box sizes.

LANGUAGE: The spreadsheet is available in both English and Danish versions of Microsoft Excel® only. Due to how Microsoft translates between Excel® language versions the complex math functions may not work in other languages.

LICENSE: The spreadsheet is made available for free. You are granted the right to use this spreadsheet, provided that you accept our DISCLAIMER. Please do not re-distribute the spreadsheet but feel free to point other users to this page.

DISCLAIMER: Scan-Speak does not guarantee that the spreadsheet is suitable for your purpose. Scan-Speak shall not be held liable for any damages or losses related to use of this spreadsheet. By downloading the tool you accept the disclaimer.

Please download the Excel® spreadsheet below (zip-files):

Excel® spreadsheets (English Excel)
Excel® spreadsheets (Danish Excel)