New Scan-Speak Distributor for Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine.

We are pleased to announce that Finstor OY, our distributor for Finland, has been appointed as Scan-Speak´s Distributor for the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania as well as Ukraine.

Finstor was established in 2004 and took on the Scan-Speak distribution in Finland in 2012. Finstor´s team has many years of experience in the DIY, OEM and Aftermarket Automotive segment.

Finstor will sell products to customers all over the Baltic and Ukraine via both their website and partners. With their great experience in logistics, they can offer fast, reliable and price effective shipping from either of their warehouse locations in Espoo (Finland) or St. Petersburg (Russia).

Finstor Oy
Arttelikuja 5 B 6
FIN-02260 Espoo

Tel: +358 40 7516776