12cm Midrange 8ohm, Paper Cone, Neo Magnet

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The Illuminator midranges and midwoofers are in every aspect unusual designs with the open construction, the extremely long linear excursion and patented under-hung SD-3 (Symmetrical Drive) neodymium motor system, which due to copper caps and its construction ensures very low distortion, adding the unique patented cones, low-loss linear suspension the result is: ”The Very Best Money Can Buy”!

DIY Kits:
Illuminator 5 (D3004/602010, 12MU/8731T00, 18WU/8741T00, 22W/8851T00, 26W/8861T00)
Ekta mkII (D2608/913000, 12MU/8731T00, 18WU/4741T00)
ScanSpeak Ekta-7741 (D3004/660000, 12MU/8731T00, 18WU/8741T00)
ScanSpeak Illuminator-CENTER (D2608/913000, 12MU/8731T00, 18WU/8741T00)




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- Under-Hung Neodymium Motor Design
- Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-3)
- One Piece Cone-Dust Cap
- Low-Loss Linear Suspension
- Very Wide Frequency Response 100-10KHz
- High Output 87dB @ 2,83V

  Size:12 cm
  Fs:66 Hz
  Re:5.9 Ω
  Sensitivity:87 dB
  VAS:5.8 ltr.
  Sd:58 cm²
  Bl:6.1 Tm