16cm Midwoofer 4ohm, Sliced Paper Cone, Neo Magnet

Our SILVER SERIES are specially selected units from Scan-Speak’s well-known home audio speakers. Which have been optimized for automotive use. This series enables audiophiles to experience in their vehicle the – TRUE TO LIVE – that they enjoy from their high-end home audio system.



Weight 1.1 kg
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Midwoofer, Automotive

- Patented Symmetrical Drive Motor Design
- Roboust Die cast Alu Chassis
- Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround
- Low-Loss linear suspension
- Sliced Cone (Controls Cone Breakups)
- Compact powerful Neo magnet

  Size:16 cm
  Fs:51 Hz
  Re:3.5 Ω
  Sensitivity:88 dB
  VAS:12.6 ltr.
  Sd:123 cm²
  Bl:5.2 Tm