2-Way Car Speaker Set, 165mm Euro-DIN Woofers

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The 6 inch Discovery Car Audio System offers superior sound, tailor-made for car use with outstanding performance, shallow design and a robust construction which will offer you excellent sound in you car for many years! The set contains 2 pcs. of R1904/613001 tweeter (19 mm) and 2 pcs. of 16W/4434G00 woofer (165 mm), 2 cross overs, special cables and grills.


Weight 3.1 kg
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- 2 x 130mm Midwoofers - EURO-DIN mounting
- 2 x 19mm Ring Dome Tweeters
- 2 x 2-Way Crossovers
- Alu Die cast Chassis
- Shallow Mounting Dimentions
- Patented NRSC Fibre Glass Cone

  Size:15 cm
  Fs:80 Hz
  Re:3 Ω
  Sensitivity:88 dB
  VAS: ltr.
  Sd:80 cm²
  Bl:4.8 Tm