~24 mm Dome Tweeter, 4 ohm, Neo, AirCirc

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With the Ellipticor family a long tradition of circular motor structures and their inherent breakup behavior has been broken since one of its key features is an elliptical voice coil and magnet gap. In combination with the powerful SD AirCirc magnet system the D2404 has high sensitivity, very low distortion, and has an extremely fast response to transients. Above all a TRUE TO LIVE sound which makes D2404/552000 one of the very best tweeters on the market!



Weight 0.5 kg
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- Elliptic voice coil
- Low mechanical losses
- High frequency extension beyond 30 kHz
- Aircirc optimized magnetsystem
- Low distortion
- Flexible optics with replaceable decor ring

  Size:2.4 cm
  Fs:550 Hz
  Re:3.4 Ω
  Sensitivity:91 dB
  VAS:0.01 ltr.
  Sd:4.6 cm²
  Bl:2 Tm