26mm Ring Radiator 4ohm, Neo, AirCirc, Clover

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The Illuminator tweeters stand for superb vocal rendition and excellent imaging at all listening locations. With its large roll surround and textile diaphragm provide a flat frequency response to above 30KHz. The unique AirCirc Magnet System, and its rear chamber, results in elimination of reflections and resonances that compromise the performance of traditional motors.

Voice Coil, 03-2009

DIY Kits:
Ellam Flex (D3004/660000 or R3004/662000, 15W/8530K00)
Ellam FLEX 3W (D3004/660000 or R3004/662000, 15W/8530K00, 22W/4851T00)
ScanSpeak Illuminator-71 (D3004/660000, R3004/662000, 18WU/4741T00)



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- 1" Ring Dome Diaphragm
- Patented Phase Plug Design
- Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
- AirCirc Motor Design w. 6 Neo magnets
- Diffraction Damping Rubber Front
- Die Cast Rubber Painted Alu Face Plate

  Size:2.6 cm
  Fs:520 Hz
  Re:3 Ω
  Sensitivity:90.5 dB
  VAS:0.01 ltr.
  Sd:5.6 cm²
  Bl:2.3 Tm