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Beryllium dome tweeters

Our supplier of beryllium dome diaphragms – Materion – has suddenly, without prior notice and with immediate effect discontinued the beryllium sheet metal in the thickness we use for dome diaphragms. This causes a highly unexpected interruption in our ability to manufacture beryllium tweeters.
Unfortunately, it causes an immediate (temporary) supply stop of the following tweeters:
D2908/714000, REVELATOR 26 mm Beryllium Tweeter
D3004/604000, ILLUMINATOR 26 mm BE Dome Tweeter with small chamber
D3004/604005, GOLD SERIES 26 mm BE Dome Tweeter
D3004/604010, ILLUMINATOR 26 mm BE Dome Tweeter with large chamber
D3004/664000, ILLUMINATOR 26 mm BE AirCirc Dome Tweeter
These products will, until this unfortunate situation is solved, be marked as;

“Temporarily unavailable, due to material issues”

Alternative material has been offered to us and is already ordered. However, it takes time until it is delivered, tested, and approved for production. Further news will be informed when solutions are found, please keep an eye on our newsletter for further updates!