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Newsletter - Highend 2022

The pandemic has kept us from traveling and meeting with our customers and friends for more than two years. Finally, we are able to travel and our first trip goes to Munich to exhibit at the Highend show, which is running again after cancelations the past two years.

Meet us in Hall 3 at Booth P10

At the Highend show Scan-Speak will launch three new products, two product updates in our Classic family and a brand new Ellipticor Dome Midrange.
At our booth the entire Ellipticor family will be on display as well as a selection of our other product families.

New Ellipticor D8404/552000 Midrange

The latest addition to our Ellipticor family is a large midrange dome featuring a 68 x 84 mm (~3”) elliptical textile dome diaphragm.

84mm (3”) Dome Midrange, 4-ohm, coated textile dome and surround, double suspension, extremely powerful neodymium magnet system, black anodized aluminium faceplate with detectable decorative trim-ring.

With the Ellipticor family a long tradition of circular motor structures and their inherent breakup behavior has been broken since one of its key features is an elliptical voice coil and magnet gap. In combination with the powerful SD AirCirc magnet system the D8404 has high sensitivity, very low distortion, and has an extremely fast response to transients. Above all a TRUE TO LIVE sound which makes D8404/552000 probably the very best midrange on the market!

Go to product page – click here.

New D2008/852100 & D2010/852100 Classic tweeters

During nearly 50 years the D2008/D2010 tweeters have been recognized for their smooth frequency response, wide dispersion and superb sound reproduction and has been used in many loudspeakers where of several have earned iconic status.

After almost 5 decades on the marked it wouldn’t be unusual seeing a product being retired, but the Scan-Speak Classic tweeters D2008 and D2010 continue to be popular among their many loyal fans.

In this light, it will not be discontinued, we have updated it!

Updating/upgrading such an iconic product is not a simple task, as the new version must honor the original performance, mechanical dimensions, and long history.



In great respect of its old virtues and its performance we have done our very best to maintain its qualities unchanged and only upgrade its few weak points with modern materials and manufacturing standards.

Both models are made as a direct replacement to the old versions with no need for any crossover update. All key dimensions are maintained except the terminals were moved and improved.
The D2008 got 4 mounting screw holes vs. 3 in the old model and D2010 got a new cell-rubber damping front that does not need replacement after decades of use.

Go to product pages – D2008/852100D2010/852100.