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New updated Illuminator R3004/602200 Compact 1” Ring Radiator Tweeter

In continuation of the recently updated D3004/602200 Illuminator dome tweeter, we are now releasing the similar updated ring radiator sibling R3004/602200 that replaces R3004/602000 & R3004/602010.

As with the dome tweeter we have found several points in its design that could be optimized and as we constantly strive towards perfection, we could not sit with such knowledge without making it available to everyone, hence the new version.

R3004/602200 new features are:

Lower distortion and improved frequency response extending to beyond 40kHz due to optimized internal construction.
Increased sensitivity (+2dB) due to higher grade neodymium magnet.
Improved Q due to optimized internal volume in a new high precision reenforced polycarbonate rear chamber.
A new smoother look with Black anodized aluminium Ø62mm faceplate.
Better connection with new gold-plated terminals with improved heat resistance at soldering.
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The new R3004/602200 is available from stock, same prices as the old R3004/602010.

The old versions R3004/602000 and R3004/602010 will be discontinued by the end of 2023.