Scan-Speak Newsletter

New 18cm Revelator Midrange – 18M/4631T00.
The new 18cm Revelator Midrange is built as a continuation on our technologies and features known for years in other Revelator products like; Symmetrical drive, sliced paper cone and low loss linear suspension.
Its sound reproduction is precise, smooth and detailed due to its titanium voice coil former, and unique new foam surround that also ensures a very long lifetime due to its special UV and humidity protective coating.
The 18M/4631T00 will be the perfect match with a number of Scan-Speak tweeters and woofers (such as the D2904/71003 Tweeter and the 32W/487T01 Woofer) for a 3-way system.

Key features:

  • High sensitivity – 92dB @ 2,83V
  • Coated foam surround
  • Sliced paper cone and dust cap
  • SD-1 Symmetrical drive magnet system
  • Titanium voice coil former
  • Power handling 250W Long Term
  • Manufactured in Denmark
  • See further details in the datasheet here: 18M/4631T00 datasheet

New Discovery Horn Tweeter – H2606/920000.
The H2606/920000 Horn Tweeter is based on our D2606/920000 and updated with a horn front that boosts its sensitivity up to 95dB while continuing to deliver sound as fine as our normal dome version.

Key features:

  • High sensitivity – 95dB @ 2,83V
  • Power handling 200W Long Term
  • Textile dome diaphragm
  • Manufactured in Denmark
  • See further details in the datasheet here: H2606/920000 datasheet

Both units are in stock and available for immediate delivery.