18cm Midwoofer 8ohm, Carbonfiber Paper Cone, Alu VC Former

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This unit is an improved version of the highly praised 18W/8545-00 midwoofer, where a new aluminum chassis, an updated cone and a new spider as wells as a few other details are introduced, these updates improves mechanical stability and sound performance. High-quality magnet system design with patented Symmetric Drive (SD-1) continues to be key feature.

Voice Coil, 10-2012




Weight 2.5 kg
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- Patented Symmetrical Drive Motor Design
- Coated Air Dried Paper/Carbon Fibre Cone
- 42mm Voice Coil w. Alu foil
- Low-Loss linear suspension
- Low Damping SBR Rubber Surround
- Aluminium Chassis

  Size:18 cm
  Fs:25 Hz
  Re:5.7 Ω
  Sensitivity:88 dB
  VAS:68.6 ltr.
  Sd:145 cm²
  Bl:8.4 Tm