28 cm Subwoofer, 4 ohm, Sandwich Paper Cone, Ferrite Magnet

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The 28W/4878T00 is a very powerful 28cm subwoofer, with its large 3” voice coil, extreme linear excursion and low resonance frequency is it perfect to reproduce the deepest frequencies. It features a paper-sandwich cone with very high stiffness and relative low weight. The motor system has heavy duty copper sleeves for optimizing eddy currents and minimizing self-induction.

DIY Kits:
ScanSpeak MUN17-3W (D2908/714000, 18M/8631-T00, 28W/4878-T00)



Weight 8 kg
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- Paper sandwich cone
- Patented Symmetrical Drive motor
- Spider with balanced tinsel leads
- Extreme linear excursion (+/-14 mm)
- 3" Voice coil, Titanium former and paper reinforced
- Stiff and strong die cast aluminium chassis

  Size:28 cm
  Fs:18 Hz
  Re:3.1 Ω
  Sensitivity:88 dB
  VAS:127 ltr.
  Sd:363 cm²
  Bl:11.2 Tm