32 cm Woofer 8 ohm, H. Sens., Sandwich Paper Cone Foam surr Dbl FE Mag

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The 32W/8878T11 woofer is optimized for high sensitivity applications. It offers an impressive 91.5 dB sensitivity at 2.83V/1m. It features a large 3” motor system with patented Symmetrical Drive, double ferrite magnets and a sandwich paper cone surrounded by a coated foam suspension.



Weight 10.2 kg
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- 92 dB Sensitivity @ 2,83V/1m
- Paper sandwich cone
- Coated foam Surround
- Patented Symmetrical Drive motor
- Powerful motor with dual ferrite magnets
- 3" Voice coil, Titanium former and paper reinforced

  Size:32 cm
  Fs:21 Hz
  Re:6.1 Ω
  Sensitivity:91.5 dB
  VAS:235 ltr.
  Sd:526 cm²
  Bl:16.5 Tm