26mm Ring Radiator 4ohm, Large Ring Neo, Silver Faceplate

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The Revelator tweeter series consist of the revolutionary ring radiator design, which put an end to some of the design trade-offs in dome designs. The ring radiator still offers unrivalled performance. Additional enhancements have been made to reduce distortion and power compression, such as large neodymium magnet systems for high sensitivity, and a careful design to optimize airflow in the chambers.

DIY Kits:
Ekta Grande (R2904/7000, 12M/4631G00, 18W/8531G00)



Weight 0.6 kg
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- 1" Ring Dome Diaphragm
- Patented Phase Plug Design
- Patented Symmetrical Drive (SD-2) motor
- Large Ring Neo Magnet f. High Output
- Non Resonant Alu Rear Chamber
- Silver Anodized Mashined Alu Face Plate

  Size:2.6 cm
  Fs:520 Hz
  Re:3 Ω
  Sensitivity:94.5 dB
  VAS:0.01 ltr.
  Sd:5.6 cm²
  Bl:2.8 Tm