20mm Dome Tweeter 8ohm, Cell rubber damping front, Neodynium magnet

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After almost 5 decades of service the highly praised D2010/851100 were upgraded to D2010/852100 with modern materials and to new manufacturing standards, still maintaining its excellent performance as wide dispersion, smooth frequency response and natural sound character.



Weight 0.3 kg
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- 3/4" Textile Dome Diaphragm
- Wide Dispersion
- Diffraction Damping Cell Rubber Front
- Dual Rear Chamber
- Vented Pole Piece

  Size:1.9 cm
  Fs:550 Hz
  Re:5.9 Ω
  Sensitivity:89 dB
  VAS:0.01 ltr.
  Sd:3.8 cm²
  Bl:2.4 Tm